Motovicity Ticket to Ride – Scion FR-S Build Part 2


A look at the charge pipe from above shows that the compressor bypass valve is a bit close to the bumper support. The team at SpeedForSale Motorsports simply placed a split rubber hose between the bumper support and bypass valve to make sure no metal to metal contact occurs during operation.
At the heart of the HKS Supercharger Kit is the traction drive it uses to drive the compressor shaft. A truly unique system that optimizes efficiency and boosts performance across the entire RPM range.


Here we take a closer look at how the traction drive system works. As the “drive force” is increased, the wedge roller (green) moves toward the narrower side. This change in position increases the pressure between the rollers, which raises the traction coefficient. 
The traction drive system under slip conditions will create a lot of heat, therefore HKS includes this oil cooler to keep traction oil temps at bay.
The traction oil cooler for the supercharger is positioned in a place where it will get plenty of cooling air flow. We can also see here how the brackets in the kit are well designed and use existing holes for the most part.
The front mount intercooler supplied with the kit is a tube and fin type. The intercooler has internal turbulators that help boost its efficiency by transferring heat to the outside of the tubes. 

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