Motovicity Ticket to Ride – Scion FR-S Build Part 2


Rounding out the monitoring duties for the Scion FR-S will be a complete set of AEM Electronics digital gauges which will be used to monitor oil pressure (part# 30-4401), oil temp (part# 30-4402), and active voltage readings (part# 30-4400). A neat feature of the AEM Electronics gauges is that you can change the backgrounds, So for example, you can use the temp gauge to monitor oil or water temperature.  
We were impressed with the care and attention to detail the SpeedForSale Motorsports team took with the wiring. With the amount of electronics going into the Ticket to Ride Scion FR-S, their meticulous work will not only ensure things are working correctly, but also that they will work correctly for a very long time.
The Sparco Fighter seat (part# 00954RS) will be used in the Scion FR-S as its compact and lightweight design are a perfect match for the FR-S. These seats will make sure our test drivers are snuggly secured allowing them to concentrate on driving rather than staying in place. The harness pass through provisions of the Fighter seat will also allow us to keep our drivers safe with the use of race harnesses. 


And there you have it! Both Motovicity Ticket to Ride cars are now built and ready to take on our MotoIQ test course. Next week we will take you along as we have our guest test drivers Michael Essa and Tyler McQuarrie put both Motovicity cars through their paces along with their stock counterparts. We will give you real life data as to what you can expect in performance gains from simple well thought performance upgrades such as the ones that have gone into these cars. 







Energy Suspension

AEM Electronics


SpeedForSale Motorsports


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