My Girlfriend’s Miata: Part 1 – Flyin’ Miata Frame Rail Reinforcement Kit


Then make your girlfriend remove the four bolts holding down the driver's seat.
Next on to the bolt holding the seat belt in place…
… and then ta da! The carpet is ready to be rolled out of position, once a few small plastic clips are popped out of place. This is a good time to do any cleaning and look for lost change. We found a few dollars worth hidden under the carpet. Score!
Underneath the car we were reminded that we live in the Midwest and we would have to put some effort into cleaning up the frame rails.
We also discovered the previous owners' phenomenal skills using a jack. The frame rail was pinched in two spots on both sides of the car. These needed to be massaged back into place with a big hammer for the frame rail reinforcers to fit properly.
You don't need a lift to perform this job, everything was accomplished in a few hours on the ground with a jack and two jackstands. Once the frame rails were massaged, popping the kit into place was simple. You'll have to pull the rail on and off a few times to drill the holes and then clean up everything afterwards.

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