My Girlfriend’s Miata: Part 1 – Flyin’ Miata Frame Rail Reinforcement Kit


Here is how they are from the factory.
And here is how they should look for installation onto the new frame rails. This was accomplished easily using a vice.
And finally what they look like installed. There are studs in the new rails along with nuts to make installation a breeze.
After the passenger side is done, it's time to put the girlfriend back to work while you go grab a cold beverage and put your feet up for a while.
Now time to see if we can find a measurable difference.
The results? A little less than a half inch difference in the direction I didn't expect it to go. Perhaps this is because the car shifted and I was measuring from a different spot on the ground. The real results though can best be expressed by how the car performed.

The initial impressions after the install of the kit were pretty amazing. There was about a 90% reduction in squeaks and noises that came from the interior. The ride quality was smoother and the suspension seemed much less harsh. There was still some standard issue cowl shake, but overall, we were very pleased. As we put some miles on the install, a few of the squeaks reemerged, though still less than before. We think that everything was just settling in and that retightening the nuts and bolts will improve everything permanently. The ride quality has remained very nice and we wholeheartedly recommend this as a must do modification for any Miata owner. We will do even more to improve chassis rigidity as well as other performance modifications in the future, so stay tuned!


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