Nerd’s Eye View: Alex Kelsey’s MC2 Rally Car


Being mid-engine in a hatchback body style, there’s quite a bit of space around the engine enabling these beautiful headers. I believe the solid metal plate visible in front of the header is the mounting plate connecting the engine to the chassis. I think it also serves as the adapter plate for the transmission to the engine. Peeking out from behind the runners is the starter bolted to the plate (I think).
Each header has an O2 sensor to keep tabs on the fuel mixture. The alternator and (I believe) the power steering pump are mounted here at the rear of the engine. The big black shaft running down the right side of the engine under the head is the drive shaft going to the rear diff.
Everyone knows you use Burns Stainless for your race car exhaust parts.
The two exhaust paths merge at this oval tip. The weight of the exhaust piping is supported by this black bar connecting the exhaust to the chassis.
The rear diff is mounted to the chassis using these brackets. Rear wheel speed pickup is off the toothed gear on the axle.
Looking underneath the car, you can see how extensive the tube frame chassis is.

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