Nerd’s Eye View: Alex Kelsey’s MC2 Rally Car


You can see the engine is offset slightly to the left making space for the driveshaft on the right. You can also see the offset design of the carbon fiber air box goodness feeding each bank of the V6 engine.
Unlike many rally cars, this suspension is not strut based. The upper and lower suspension arms have three mounting points each in the vertical direction for geometry adjustments. The suspension arms themselves are fabricated from tubular sections and reinforced with flat plate sections. The anti-roll bar also has three holes for adjusting the stiffness. Of course, heim joints are everywhere. This angle also gives you another view of the toothed ring on the axle allowing for the speed pickup.
This view gives a better perspective of the fabrication required to make the suspension control arms.
This lower link locates the rear spindle which Kelsey designed himself. In doing so, he could pick massive wheel bearings for durability and also axles and CVs that were cost effective and easy to source. Check out the rally car brake rotor shields; they are heavily drilled which should help with weight reduction and also cooling airflow, but still help in preventing rocks, dirt, and other debris you do not want between your brake rotor and pads.
Kelsey also builds his shocks. It allowed him to tune them exactly how he wanted them versus trying to explain to someone else how he wanted them to feel. Check out the length of the main spring!

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