Nerd’s Eye View: Alex Kelsey’s MC2 Rally Car


A big piece of carbon fiber replaces the front dash leaving a very uncluttered work space. To add some cooling air into the passenger compartment is the little ducted fan in the center of the dash which is commonly used in R/C planes.
Communication between the driver and navigator is handled by this Stilo system. It’s zip-tied to one of the members of the cage forming a triangle in the upper corner of the cage which adds strength.
Everything Kelsey needs to know about the engine operating parameters is displayed on the Motec dash. Only a handful of buttons are on the steering wheel making for a relatively simple setup. Only a single big shift paddle is located on the left side of the steering wheel with the rear hand brake lever within easy reach.
This very clean control panel houses the buttons not commonly used during the middle of a stage such as the horn, wipers, headlights, and turn signals.
An AP Racing 3-pedal setup is mounted within this nicely fabricated pedal box. The sheet metal box has been dimpled to reduced weight and adds stiffness. Looking back at the pedals themselves, check out how the positions of the pedals can be customized by choosing which holes in the pedals are used to bolt to the levers. Of course, the pedals are drilled out to reduce weight. The fluid reservoirs are mounted off to the right of the pedal box and protected by a sheet metal divider wall.
Mounted down on the floor pan, just behind the pedal box, is the jack in case of a roadside wheel change.
From the outside, not much gives away how unique this car truly is.

The MC2 may look like any other rally car from the outside, but all it takes is the cranking of the engine to know something is different. Absent is the noise of a highly boosted 4-banger, replaced by a high revving naturally aspirated V6. Once an observer realizes the difference in sound, they have to begin to wonder where the engine is mounted. Only after close inspection does one begin to understand what a unique vehicle this is and how it’s the Mad Creation 2!

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