Nerd’s Eye View: Alex Kelsey’s MC2 Rally Car


Two adjusters for high and low speed damping are located on the external reservoir for easy access. A tender spring is used for those times the suspension is at full droop. You know, when jumping in the air and stuff.
The big side duct in the bodywork directs air into the rear compartment of the car. I imagine the airflow helps with cooling down the rear shocks along with just keeping the engine compartment relatively cool by offsetting all the heat generated by the engine and headers.
When the car is moving in such a way that there is not much airflow being pushed through the front of the car, these ducted fans pull air through the front mounted heat exchangers and dump them out the top of the hood.
With the hood off, you can better see the ducting for the two puller fans. Those are not simple shapes for the ducting, they look pretty awesome.
The hood goes on and off quite easily by just sliding on and off these rods on the hinges.
The front shock is similar to the rear shock in design with the large remote reservoir mounted up high with the easily accessible adjusters.
The fuel cell is mounted up front, though still behind the front axle line. This helps offset the weight of the engine in the rear giving the car an even weight distribution. Check out the heim joints on the linkage rode for the wiper blade system. The crank arms are also drilled out for weight reduction. Simple but fancy stuff for windshield wipers!

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