Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 2 – Race Cars and Engines


The cutaway of the side exposes one of the two screws and also the internal air-to-water intercooler.
This Hemi uses big bore pistons, so two spark plugs ensure all of the air/fuel mixture is burned.
The exhaust headers are nice and tubular with a double external wall for insulation.
Sorry for the blurry picture, I think this was after I’d had a beer.
The camber on the rear tires caught my attention. The car is front wheel drive, so my friends and I were guessing as to the purpose of the very high negative camber. My guess is to reduce the rear tire contact patch effectively making it a narrower tire to get the rear of the car to rotate without running insanely high rear spring rates. Just a guess…

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