Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 2 – Race Cars and Engines



This is the turbo on the Mustang Ecoboost 2.3L, 4-cylinder engine. As is common practice nowadays, the exhaust manifold is integrated into the head of the engine. The turbo is twin scroll meaning the runners for cylinders 1-4 and 2-3 are paired up. The result is a bit of a funky turbine inlet flange shape on the turbo. Check out the coolant line going to the head of the engine right where the turbo bolts on. I imagine that’s a temperature sensor next to the coolant line. There is probably some safety net built into the ECU which reduces power if that coolant temperature gets too hot at that location next to the turbo.
This cutaway of the turbine housing shows each scroll of the twin scroll housing. It also shows the wastegate port which has a dividing wall in the middle keeping the exhaust pulses separated all the way up to the wastegate valve.
The high pressure fuel pump for the direct injection fuel system is driven off one of the cams. The cam follower has a roller for reduced friction.
There’s not much to the plastic intake manifold on the Ecoboost engine. Gone are the days of aluminum intake manifolds being common. The plastic ones should be cheaper to manufacture. Also, plastic is a poor thermal conductor, so the manifold should stay cooler which also means the air going into the engine will be cooler allowing for more power.

The automotive landscape is a changing place. Expect to see more electric motors, more fuel cells, more batteries, more turbos, and more plastic intake manifolds. The amazing thing with the advancement of technology is the cars are getting faster while also getting better fuel economy. That’s a win-win in my book.

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