Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 2 – Race Cars and Engines


A large support bracket is used between the engine block and turbine housing. I’m guessing it is to relieve the stress on the studs holding the turbo onto the aluminum head. Look closely at the internal wastegate valve; it has two little stubs on it to prevent rotation.
The gear for the belt driven water pump has little fins on it for cooling.
This Beetle is Tanner Foust’s ride in Global Rally Cross. The side opening in front of the rear wheel feeds air to the rear mounted radiator. Air that goes in must come out somewhere and that somewhere is the vented rear panel between the tail lights.
Being a rally car, the cage is very extensive to handle the rough and tumble environment the car is tortured in. The big flat black panel is part of the ducting for the radiator.
Peeking through the side opening, you can see the rear mounted radiator along with its attendant ducting.
This is a view of the front right lower control arm which has 3 possible inboard mounting locations for the rear of the arm which I think changes the anti-dive geometry. I think the piping visible tucked up along the body is for coolant going to the rear mounted radiator (or I could be completely wrong).

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