Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 2 – Race Cars and Engines


The engine block and heads look to be machined from billet. The fuel pump is belt driven off the crank.
There’s not a whole lot to the cockpit of this drag bike. The main feature is the massive shift light.
Paul Newman’s 1984 Nissan 300ZX chassis was on display. The VG30 turbo engine was out for restoration. Back in the day, carbon fiber was not common, so the ducting for the radiator is made out of sheet metal. Dai’s twin turbo V8 monster makes a cameo in the background.
The car is straight-up tube chassis, upper and lower A-arms, coil over suspension and a massive anti-sway bar. There are a lot of joints in the steering rod going to the rack!
The arms of the anti-roll bar are massively thick; I assume to minimize deflection in the arm part and keep the twisting in the bar part. All the suspension parts are fabricated, welded, gusseted, heim joints everywhere.
I’m not sure how they fabricated that front spindle, but it appears to be formed from sheet metal and welded together. Or maybe it’s just solid metal shaved down. Either way, it’s pretty cool. Speaking of cool, the brake duct directs cooling air to the center of the rotor. From this angle, you can see the four holes for stiffness adjustment of the anti-roll bar.

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