Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Engines, Electrons, and Extra Bits


Check out the intake on this Audi. A snorkel grabs cold air from the front of the car and directs it to the air box. The air filter looks to be a big cone for minimum pressure drop. Then there’s a big diameter elbow leading to a flex section to allow for engine movement.
Right after the flex section is the cast inlet section of the compressor housing of the turbo. That’s a very short intake path which should reduce intake restriction. That’s an electronic actuator for the wastegate which is becoming common practice.
This is the big boy twin-turbo V8 under the hood of a number of Audis. The turbos are located in the middle of the V and both turbos are fed by the air box in the lower left corner of the picture. You can see the split intake tubes going to the turbos that routes under the black plastic engine cover.
Packaging of the turbos is tight with the downpipes going right up near the firewall. Lots of heat insulation used on both the downpipes and the firewall here to keep heat out of the passenger compartment among other reasons.
This is the hood latch mechanism on one of the Audis. I just liked how it uses the little plastic ball as the pivot for the mechanism.
I think this is the turbo from the VW Golf R. I’m not exactly sure what that sensor is right after the turbine wheel, but VW thought it necessary to stick it in the turbine housing instead of further downstream in the downpipe. On the wastegate poppet valve you can see the anti-rotation feature which prevents the poppet from spinning itself off.

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