Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Engines, Electrons, and Extra Bits


Yup, there is a functional hood vent to extract all the hot air coming off the radiator. I am a bit surprised to see the heat reflective insulation on the bottom of the hood as the air-to-water intercoolers for the engine sit in the V of the engine on top. But I guess enough heat rises up from the turbos mounted on the outsides of the V to warrant the insulation.
A beefy brace connects the shock tower to the rear firewall to help stiffen the chassis. The shiny pipe in the left of the picture is the compressor discharge from the turbo going up to the intercooler hidden beneath the black plastic engine cover.
Dodge is making a killing with its EcoDiesel Ram sporting a 3.0L V6. GM and Ford are now playing catchup. GM is launching this 2.8L 4-banger diesel to compete.
As is the norm on diesels, it has a VNT turbo with an electric actuator to control the vanes (it’s the black thing to the right).
There are some interesting features visible in the engine cutaway. For one, it has a hollow camshaft (hey, engine response is important on diesels too!). An interesting assembly feature is the metal rod used as a hard stop for tightening down the fuel injector; without the hard stop, it would be possible to tighten down the injector too far.
This engine is the new 2.0L Ecotec turbo 4-banger going into the Camaro. You can see a timing chain used on a cam gear with variable timing.
For those of us who like to upgrade turbos (and that’s pretty much everyone who reads MotoIQ), it looks like this engine has a proper exhaust manifold instead of one integrated with the head. You can see that the stock manifold and turbo is a twin-scroll setup. This engine also has a hollow cam actuating the valves with a roller rocker for reduced friction. Looking up in the valve cover, it appears there is some baffling to help control the oil flow around the head. Cars that do not have baffling in the valve cover can sometimes pump oil out the PCV valve under high lateral Gs creating great white smoke screens.

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