Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Engines, Electrons, and Extra Bits


Looking at the supercharger from the left side, you can see it has two air inlets; one inlet leads to the twin screws where the air gets compressed and the other inlet goes to a bypass valve that allows the air to skip the twin screws during times when boost is not needed. As for the bright orange parts, those are the high voltage related parts. You better get used to seeing a whole lot of orange on a whole lot of cars in the future with everything going to some level of electric.
The front shock is pretty gosh darn long. And the spindle wraps pretty tight around the tire. If someone were thinking of putting on 26” wheels, it’s not going to happen.
Another interesting packaging challenge is seen under the hood of the new Nissan Titan with a diesel Cummins engine. Yup, that’s the air box on the right with the intake tube going to the turbocharger buried somewhere down there.
So somewhere buried down there is the turbocharger. The compressor discharge tube pops out from somewhere and makes its way to an intercooler mounted up front. The big tube coming up from the bottom of the picture is the cold-side pipe coming from the intercooler and going into the intake manifold. Right where the pipe goes into the intake manifold, there looks to be a manifold air temperature sensor. The metal rectangular brick to the left of the cold-side pipe and next to the intake manifold should be the EGR cooler.
This engine block with the cutaway turbo is Ford’s new 2.7L Ecoboost V6 engine. An interesting feature of this turbo is that both the oil drain and oil feed are at the bottom flange of the center housing of the turbo. The oil feed line is the smaller diameter rigid line that plugs into the engine block at the upper right of the picture. You can see the cutaway of the center housing and how the oil drains into the fat tube which has a flex section in it and dumps into the lower portion of the engine block.

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