Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Engines, Electrons, and Extra Bits


Over in the Infiniti booth, they had whisky tasting. As you can imagine, it was quite popular.
If you can get a taste of this Promise of Hope bourbon whiskey from Parker’s Heritage Collection, do it! It was only a limited run, so the value of the stuff goes up as less remains. At the time, this bottle was around $400. It was pretty amazing stuff.
This coffee maker is pretty badass, like how a Dyson fan looks cool. So how does it work? The water heating element is under the water container. Then it pumps the hot water to the top of the structure which holds the coffee and filter.
After having some whiskey and checking out the Infiniti QX30 which is really just a reworked Mercedes, I went to check out this Mercedes C350e plug-in hybrid. I told you the Germans were going electrified; well, they do have a ton of solar and windmills in Germany. Anyways, its German counterparts BMW and Audi, Mercedes also paired a gasoline turbocharged engine with the hybrid system. Cold air from the front is directed to the air box mounted on the side of the engine. Then the air gets sucked down into the turbocharger below. The air path is a bit longer in the Mercedes compared to the Audi. Of course, this setup isn’t exactly going for maximum power numbers.
At least the path from the turbocharger compressor outlet to the intake manifold is relatively short. The air leaves the turbo and has a short trip to this air-to-water intercooler before getting dumped into the intake manifold.
This is the front-end of a Cadillac ATS-V. With the twin-turbo V6 under the hood, more cooling is required hence the heat exchanger behind the corner opening. Get used to seeing a bunch of new electronic sensors in the front of cars as there appears to be a range detecting device behind the grill. It won’t be much longer before cars can drive for themselves.

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