Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Other Interesting Cars


This year, I went on the second media day instead of the first. There was maybe 25% of the foot traffic compared to a typical first media day which was awesome in that it was easier to get pictures. What was not awesome was the lack of free food. The only booth that had something to munch on was the Buick booth.
Because Buick was awesome enough to provide some munchies on the second media day, here’s their 2016 Cascada convertible.
The new Acura NSX has a lot going on under the sheet metal, carbon fiber roof, and big piece of rear glass. Sitting under that piece of class is a dry-sumped 3.5L twin-turbo V6.
Providing motivation power along with the twin-turbo engine are electric motors, three of them! That’s a lot of heat generation going on between all the different things making this car go fast. So you can see two heat exchangers stacked up in the corner opening of the front bumper.
Looking into the main opening, there’s a lot of real estate from the front until the first massively wide heat exchanger.
 All that heat has to vent out somewhere, so Acura put in a pair of large vents in the hood. There’s a fender vent as well to reduce drag.
These are the rear brakes. As is common on the cars requiring beaucoup dinero, there is a separate parking brake caliper. From all the reviews I’ve read about the NSX, go for the optional Michelin tires.

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