Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Other Interesting Cars


And the air has to make another 180 degree turn into the turbo. There is a bit of straight section before the compressor inlet instead of making a turn straight into the inlet; this should help for making more uniform airflow into the compressor wheel. In the background, you can see the exhaust manifold appears to be stainless steel sheet metal. There is a heat shield between the manifold and engine block, you know, for thermal management.
On the back side of the engine, this is the plastic intake manifold. On the last runner, there appears to be an air temperature sensor. Just below the intake manifold appears to be the oil filter cartridge. With the intake manifold being plastic, there’s probably not too much worry about getting burned doing an oil change.
Interestingly enough, the QX30 did not have a full under tray; Under trays which completely cover the bottom of the car are now standard issue to reduce aero drag. My guess is the transmission needed the cooling airflow.
I see Magnus Walker freakin’ everywhere. Cars & Coffee, Peterson Automotive museum, and here at the auto show.
I do love the old school chassis with modern upgrades such as the Brembo brakes with 2-piece rotors.
Check out the interior, designed back in the day when interiors were simple. Even the door panel is just a flat piece. There are hand roll-up windows, a couple straps, and that’s it on the doors. There’s a big tach in the middle, just what the driver needs to see.

That’s about it for all the interesting cars I saw at the show. I do however have one more installment to go over some engines and new technology bits to share. The powertrain landscape is changing fast…

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