Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Other Interesting Cars


Here’s a peek of the rear diffuser. Perhaps the more interesting bit is the little aero fin just inboard of the rear tire.
A whole bunch of the rear of the NSX is vented. The quad pipes for the exhaust is an interesting feature. It would seem it is a variable exhaust system as is pretty much standard issue on all performance cars nowadays.
There are generally a few race cars at the show. Mercedes brought out their AMG GT3 car to show off.
The front end features common race car features: dive planes, splitter, and a whole lot of mesh in the openings.
Also familiar are the angled radiator ducted out the hood and the louvers on top of the fenders. Notice the kick-up on the leading edge of the hood vent for the radiator.
Racing standard issue is a center locking nut holding the wheels on covering the two-piece brakes with steel rotors; no carbon ceramic brakes are used on GT3 race cars. Something interesting is the wheel well opening stays mostly concentric with the wheel which is different than the production car body work. The race car body work staying closer to the wheel should help reduce drag a bit. Also check out all the wire mesh used behind the tire.
The fender opening behind the front tire is pretty massive. The body work is nicely curved too.

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