Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – The Other Interesting Cars


Looking under the front under tray, there is a very thin little wheel spat sticking down before the tire. There also appears to be a brake cooling air guide attached to the lower suspension control arm.
Check out the base of the rear window, there appears to be an air duct sending air to who knows where.
The intercooler is easy to spot behind the mesh. Above the intercooler is another opening. What’s it for? Good question. The other opening is to the left of the flying buttress. I’m going to guess that opening provides air to the turbos.
There appears to be an air slot above the rear tail light. Maybe it’s where the air duct at the base of the rear window. Maybe some of the intercooler air dumps there. Maybe it’s from that little opening above the intercooler. Regardless, it’s dumping into the low pressure wake at the rear of the car which should help reduce drag. The Ford GT and Ferrari 488 uses similar tricks.
Looking inside the rear wheel well, it looked to me like there’s some padded/sound insulating fender liner. I guess sticky wide tires can kick up a lot of pebbles making undesirable noise.
The corners of the rear bumper are open to vent air.


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