Nerd’s Eye View: Mazdaspeed Mazda 767B


Who doesn't love some air jacks? The front jacks are permanently mounted to the car while the single rear jack is removed between pit stops.

Close up shot of the rear air jack in action. You can see that the jack features a handle, a unique quick release mounting bracket, and a quick release air fitting so that it can be installed and removed quickly during a pitstop.
The 767B's rear spoiler sits extremely low with respect to the rest of the body work. This was presumably to minimize drag so that the car's top speed down the Mulsanne straight was as fast as possible.
Volk didn't get their reputation selling super light, super strong wheels to people whose sole purpose was to make their car look awesome, Volk built their reputation at the track

Hidden behind the rear wheels are 4-piston brake calipers from Brembo, another household name in all facets of motor racing for the past several decades.

The rotors are cross-drilled and look like they have seen their fair share of abuse. They also don't have a whole lot of surface area to spread out the friction and heat generated by the pads. Seems like the extensive brake duct work shown earlier was designed that way for a reason.

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