Nerd’s Eye View: Porsche 962


The powertrain looks very much to be a mirror image going from one side of the car to the other. It’s basically like two turbocharged inline-3 cylinder engines joined together to make the twin turbo flat-6 power plant. The upper left element in this grouping of air absorbing components appears to be an air filter for the air going to the turbo. Behind and to the right, the intercooler is visible. Below the protective sheet metal cover with the handle are two heat exchangers. One is certainly the radiator for the coolant. The other is likely for the engine oil.
To give a bit of perspective on the width of the side pods, check out the width of the driver’s seat; that driver’s seat is not the most comfy thing I’ve ever seen… Anyway, you can also understand why the protective cover is used while the car is on display to protect the heat exchangers. I imagine a modern iPhone6S and the equivalent massive Samsung phone could cause some damage if they fell on the radiator.
A quick peek into the cockpit shows a relatively simple dash and switch setup compared to modern racecars. F1 and LeMans prototypes have more switches on the steering wheel than this car in total. Down the in the foot well is a bottom-hinged 3-pedal setup. The shifter is off to the right with a reminder to the drivers as to the shift pattern taped on the left side of the dash.
The cockpit is not very spacious. A Bosch ECU occupies space opposite the driver.

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