Nerd’s Eye View: Porsche 962


The fuel rail wraps around the intake runners feeding another set of injectors.
Next to the intake runners is this linkage which I’m pretty sure is for the throttle. So the linkage rotates this black shaft….
With the other side of the shaft being supported by this bearing on the other side of the engine.
Stuffed in the middle of the engine below the intake manifold plenums is a mass of linkages and shafts to rotate the individual throttle bodies. Here you can see a shaft at the top of the cast part of the intake runners (below the machined aluminum runners) which actuates the three throttle plates on this side of the engine. Nowadays, instead of the throttle cable and complex linkages, they’d probably use electrical wires and servo motors. Anyway, check out the cast portion of the fuel rail which nowadays would probably be machined from billet. Keeping the fuel flowing are Earl’s fittings and lines of course.
Mounted nice and high for easy bleeding is the coolant overflow reservoir. A heat exchanger is also mounted up here to grab cold airflow from a duct in the bodywork. This is another view of the shaft that actuates the individual throttle bodies for each runner.

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