Nerd’s Eye View: Porsche 962


Back to the ‘make power’ side of things, here is one of the two intercoolers. The airflow path is quite short from the turbo compressor outlet to the intercooler. The intercooler core appears to be quite thick to increase the cooling capacity which is limited by the small available frontal area. The aluminum piping below the intercooler should be for the coolant from the radiator. If you look really closely between the bottom of the intercooler and the aluminum pipe, there is a big braided hose which looks to go between the oil cooler and oil pump (though I could be completely wrong).
Here you can see the coolant piping going to the water pump on the back of the engine. You also can see how tightly packed the exhaust manifold is packaged. It snakes between a frame rail, the coolant pipe, and the bodywork protected by heat reflective insulation. You can see the braided coolant line which has the black protective covering from Techikraft.
Hanging off the bellows joint (allowing for thermal expansion and contraction) at the end of the exhaust manifold are the turbo and wastegate. The body of the wastegate housing the valve is heavily finned for heat rejection and there’s a heat shield between the lower valve body section and the upper diaphragm section. Some interesting stuff going on here to take stress off the weld joints of the piping… The wastegate pipe has the extra sheet metal tabs welded to it to help support the weight of the pipe. The turbine outlet pipe is similar along with a bracket bolted to the subframe to help support the weight of the turbo. With the turbo weight being supported by this bracket, it should take the load off the exhaust manifold to help prevent cracking.
The turbo setup is similar on the other side of the engine. There appears to be an air restrictor with a bell mouth on it (the black parts) connected to the compressor inlet of the turbo.
Back to the right side of the car you can see the wastegate and turbine dump straight out the side of the car. This is what the new Ford GT is doing from what we can see.
The airflow has a short path from the outlet of the intercooler to the intake manifold plenum improving throttle response. Check out the fuel rail feeding the top of three fuel injectors mounted in the runners.

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