Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2014 Part II


To improve braking performance on track, brake cooling ducts are mandatory. As the Mustang and Camaro have turned into legit road racing cars, they are starting to include road racing features like brake cooling ducts as optional equipment.
Here you can see the hole in the front bumper for the brake duct.
Brembo always has impressive hardware on display such a this rear brake setup for a Ferrari and an F1 brake caliper made from an aluminum-Li alloy.
The rear brake setup has an integrated motor-on-caliper electronic parking brake.
The brake rotors come in three different flavors depending on use: CCM (Ceramic Composite Material for OEM use), CCM-R for road racing and performance use, and finally the carbon-carbon variety used in F1/Indycar/etc.
Here are the CCM-R and CCM rotors up close. You can see the difference in the how the carbon is laid out. As the CCM-R rotor is intended for harder use, it will have greater durability over the CCM rotor commonly spec’d for OEM street applications.
The full-on carbon carbon race rotor has these indentations to indicate rotor wear.

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