Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2014 Part II


Thermal management of the fluids in a car is critically important and CSF just made it a bit easier with a few new releases. An oil cooler should be standard issue on any track car and it can often times be a challenge to mount an external oil cooler. Subaru owners can now rejoice because CSF has released this radiator upgrade with integrated oil cooler. You should already be familiar with the CSF B-Tube Technology, and now the integrated oil cooler makes fluid thermal management even easier.
For the BMW crowd, CSF has you covered with radiators, tranny fluid cooler, oil cooler, and power steering fluid cooler.
This piece is simple yet a favorite of mine from the show. It replaces the OEM plastic part on the FR-S/BRZ twins and adds a high pressure cap.
In the very bottom left of this picture, you can see the stock plastic radiator cap piece. But more importantly is the Cosworth supercharger kit for the FR-S/BRZ twins. The design of the kit is pretty clever with the supercharger mounted low in the center. The air is then fed upwards through two intercooler cores with one core for each bank of the engine. This is smart because the airflow from the blower is split between two intercoolers to reduce pressure drop. If all the airflow were pushed through a single intercooler core equal in size to these two combined, it would have a much greater pressure drop.
Inside the casting of the intake manifold, you can see the nice radius used on the edge of the entry to each runner.
These fabricated endcaps are for the coolant used in the air-to-water IC cores in the intake manifold.

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