Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2014 Part II


Fitting a relatively big GT30-35 frame turbo on the GT-R is no easy task. Keep in mind the stock turbos are roughly GT22 size. The Greddy kit manages to fit the GTX3076Rs with the largest 1.01 A/R V-band turbine housing from Garrett by Honeywell for maximum flow and power.
As all you MotoIQ readers know, with power comes heat. You also know heat is energy with which to spool up turbos. So, PTP Turbo Blankets made a Nissan GT-R specific thermal management kit after a request from a few of its Middle East customers; those guys in the Middle East know a little something about heat and the negative effects on performance. In the picture is a thermal blanket keeping heat in the exhaust manifold and turbine housing with the following two benefits: faster turbo spool-up and protecting everything else in the vicinity from getting baked.
This thermal blanket goes between the valve covers and the runners of the intake manifold? Why? You want your intake manifold as cold as possible to minimize heating the air going into the engine. The head of the engine and therefore valve covers have very hot oil in contact with them. The heat from the head and valve covers of the engine would transfer to the intake runners of the manifold by convection and radiation without the blanket.
This thermal blanket along the back of the engine bay keeps heat out of the passenger compartment. Notice the fuel lines are also wrapped in insulation to keep from heating the fuel and also possibly vapor lock.
Owners of previous generation Corvettes can tell you just how toasty the tranny tunnel can get, so this GT-R has it fully insulated. Even the tranny tunnel on Project S2000 gets a bit warm. The shiny reflective mirror-like surface will have maximum reflection of radiation.
Catalytic converters are hot, so shiny insulation on the bell housing helps reflect heat transfer by radiation.

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