Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2014 Part II


This Davies Craig electric water pump s surprisingly small to me. I expected some big and long electric motor on the end of it. Nope! This is very slim profile which should make it easy to mount.
Davies Craig had this fun display. The pump flows a lot as you can see by the volume of water shooting out of the pipe.
The electric water pump was controlled by this digital controller. The user sets the desired fluid temperature and the digital controller turns the electric water pump and radiator fan on and off as needed.
Here was a pretty wild display with Turbosmart products attached. The most interesting product attached is the wastegate with integrated position sensors.
Best display board goes to Improved Racing using backlit laser etched glass; Improved Racing made the displays themselves, so if you want something similar then call them up. If you’re running a Chevy LS engine, you should check out Improved Racing’s line of products. They have most recently introduced products using their own thermostat design such as this low-profile oil cooler adapter.

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