Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 – Part 2


This view gives a better look at one of the carbon fiber strips used to tie in the rear subframe to the chassis for added stiffness. A unique feature is the diffuser action at the rear of the side panel to get air into the rear brake duct. The brake duct directs air to another shovel, err, control arm mounted air guide, to cool the rear caliper and rotor.
As with many performance cars on the market, the exhaust is a dual mode. The valve is closed at low loads to keep things quiet but opens up for more flow at full throttle.
Historically, the Camaro was deemed a straight-line car. In the previous generation, GM turned it into a road course monster.
Yup, actual functional hood vents. No more fake boy racer vents here.
The Camaro SS also has an oil cooler mounted horizontally like its big brother Corvette.
Coolers are mounted in the corners of the bumper too. Yes, GM is serious about having a reliable track car that can handle constant track abuse. For track day guys, the nice feature is this front bumper brake cooling duct in the middle of the photo. Something all of us used to have to look for in the aftermarket when modifying our cars for track use is now OEM.

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