Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 – Part 2


This is just a show car, so it does not feature the up-to-date features of the actual race car in development, but this does give an idea of the airflow through the front bumper opening. Of course there’s the angled radiator dumping the hot air out the hood. There’s tons of area on either side of the radiator with some of that likely to be devoted to brake cooling. I am going to guess there are some pieces of ducting and whatnot missing from this show car.
Check out the air flow path from the opening behind the front wheel. What you see ahead through the opening is the backside of the front under tray. So it seems some of the airflow going under the front of the car is dumped out the sides of the car behind the front wheels.
Check out the detail shapes of the rear diffuser. I don’t know what this feature on the bottom corner of the diffuser does exactly, but it’s there for a reason. Maybe it is to guide some air to fill in the wake behind the rear tire. A little birdy told me the engine in this show car is the old Daytona Prototype Ecoboost V6 engine. It is hard to see, but the V6 is the longest engine that will fit in the chassis, so those wanting the V8 just need to quit whining. Anyone following F1 and prototype cars knows aero is critical and the shorter V6 allows for better aero at the rear of the car.
A close-up of the rear vertical elements of the diffuser shows the L-shape allowing them to be attached to the diffuser.
Roush has this new under tray on the Mustang to get air to the brake cooling air guides mounted on the control arm.
The Shelby Mustang also features brake cooling ducts in the front bumper. Because track car. It’s a bit hard to see, but they are the in the sides of the lower central opening. The corner opening directs air to an oil cooler. It’s interesting to see the upper main bumper opening is largely blocked off to air flow.

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