Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 – Part 2


Stepping back a bit, the hot air coming off the horizontally mounted heat exchanger is dumped out the bottom of the front under tray.
Back to the brake cooling, you can see the exit of the bumper mounted brake cooling duct and how it dumps cool air to the air guide. You can also see the vent into the wheel well for the hot air coming off the corner mounted heat exchanger.
Notice there is not a full dust shield so that the air coming off the brake cooling air guide can actually make it to the center of the brake rotor. The metal shield between the rotor and spindle is more likely to function as a heat shield to protect the tie rod and control arm joints. So I’ll call it a heat shield.
The chassis bracing is not as extensive as on the Corvette, but that’s still a beefy metal plate and cross bar connecting the chassis and front subframe. Looking down the central tunnel of the car, a brace goes across the tunnel near the middle of the car to stiffen the chassis up.
The LT4 is the supercharged powerhouse under the hood of the Z06.
The LT4 can be assembled with just this array of tools.
The C7.R Corvette race engine is naturally aspirated of course and has these massive carbon fiber intake plenums.
The C7.R race engine features individual throttle bodies which are actuated by this array of linkages.

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