Nerd’s Eye View: The Cars of PRI


The interior is surprisingly clean for such a ridiculous swap.  A custom steering column is used (I guess the OEM electric steering is now gone) and a set of analog gauges give readouts on the new type of hybrid powerplant.  A street-friendly rollcage also snakes through the frumpy family interior.  Best of all, a 6-speed manual replaces the Synergy drive nonsense Toyota thought of for their flagship hybrid.
By far, the best part of this car is the custom badges.  In case you can’t read it, the knockoff “Hybrid Synergy Drive” badge says “Burns Gas & Rubber.”

And that concludes our look at the coolest cars of PRI 2017.  PRI is full of neat stuff, and it really takes the full three days to see and do all.  Running around we still got to see some amazing cars and parts.  Now about that Radical powered Atom…

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