Nerd’s Eye View: The Cars of PRI


Still Modifieds, but this time built for dirt.  The front suspension is typical double a-arms, but the rear end is fascinating.  Check out the giant radius arm that runs next to the carbon fiber driveshaft.  Not only is it a massive piece of billet aluminum but it has its own spring and damper.  I’ve never seen this before, so I’m not sure of its purpose, but it’s cool looking!
This car was on a lift because it was showing off the work of Wehrs Machine who specialize in all sorts of suspension parts for Modified cars.  Along with the trick radius arm, the suspension uses two other standard dampers, two lower control links, and a small lateral link located partway down the radius arm.  All of these links locate the quick change live rear axle.  Note how the right side damper is mounted at an angle to decrease its motion ratio.  Pretty trick stuff, all to find grip in dirt and clay.
Dave Schroeder’s 1966 Corvette was on display at the Holley booth.  This ‘Vette won the 2017 HOTROD Drag Week event.  Drag Week is a week long drag racing contest for street legal cars.  Cars must drive from track to track and race every day in order to win.  What makes Dave’s car unique to recent Drag Week winners is that this is a true ‘66 Corvette and not a Pro Mod car.  Despite the giant slicks and wheelie bar, it IS street legal (though the car requires some modification to go between road and race use).
Along with the steel body, Dave’s Vette has no forced induction, another rarity for Drag Week winners.  Instead, Dave relies on 872 ci of ‘Murica power with a shot of nitrous on top.  That’s 14.3L of engine to metric speaking folks.  While the chassis is original Chevy, the engine is not; replaced with a Pro Mod build from Reher Morrison.  The nitrous system is from NOS and features four stages…though Dave only uses three currently.  At Drag Week, it averaged a 6.813 at 207 MPH, though it ran as fast as 6.57.
This 2015 Z34 was recently built by Tech Sport Racing to compete in the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge.  PWC has grown into a fairly large, multi-class series with lots of different categories to enter.  This Z was built to run in the TC class, which is fairly limited in the modifications allowed.  PWC has a number of low mod touring classes, with TC being the fastest of the bunch.

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