Nerd’s Eye View: The Cars of PRI


At first glance, this looks a lot like the Porsche 917 Steve McQueen drove at LeMans in 1970.  However upon closer inspection it turned out this car was just a fiberglass show car with no engine and a faked interior.  Pretty cool looking though.  Would definitely make for a nice driveway ornament, no?
Unlike Gulf’s 917, the Sunoco booth had an actual Lola T70 MKIII on display.  This looks to be the car that Mark Donohue campaigned in the 1967 season of Can-Am.  Donohue finished 4th in the series, pretty impressive considering Bruce McLaren’s team swept 5 of the 6 races that season.  Power comes from a naturally aspirated small block Chevrolet V8.  This was the days before Can-Am went wild with rejected LeMans racers, so the cars were somewhat tame…as take as one can make a 600 horsepower, open topped sports car with little aero that is!
Just like some of the other vintage racers we’ve shown you, the interior is pretty bare bones.  Check out all the teach stickers on the rollbar.  The current owner of this car doesn’t just keep it meticulously maintained, he actually drives the thing in vintage races, the way it was meant to be used.
Speaking of sports cars that get used, this Audi R8LMS had just returned from the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, where it won overall.  The car is campaigned by Flying Lizard Racing, who have now won the 25 Hour race three years in a row.
If one Roots blower isn’t enough, how about three?  I thought this stuff only existed in the Mad Max universe, but apparently in the world of tractor pulls, anything is possible.
While Tony Stewart may be retired from fulltime racing, he still owns a few dirt racing teams and occasionally competes himself.  This Sprint car is one of the cars he owns.  They’re alcohol injected skateboards with little suspension and way too much power.  The super short wheelbases make them even more of a handful.  Drivers sit bolt upright, straddling the transmission and driveshaft.  Suspension is solid axles front and rear with torsion springs.  Pretty wild stuff.  And lubricated by Mobil-1!

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