NX GTi-R: Version 3


Keeping oil in its place is key in any race application. Mike has shown that the Ishihara Johnson crank scraper reduces oil temperature by keeping the oil in its place. Everywhere that oil is needed it is present, but too much oil where it's not necessary increases temperatures and robs horsepower. Kevin at Ishihara-Johnson was fantastic at answering my questions and,until I have the funds to go the dry sump route, this unit is going to be fantastic.
Mazworx has some cool pieces for the SR20DET. I have just installed their billet oil plate to allow the removal of the GTi-R's factory oil cooler.

If you are a Nissan fan, then you have not only heard of Mazworx but you either have or have wanted to have some of their components on your car. I have really liked their billet plate to remove the GTi-R's unique oil cooler. I have been running an aftermarker oil cooler for some time now, while I looked for a better setup. Mazworx has it! What I like even more is the 'in' and 'out' stamped right onto the unit. There have been more than one project that was dead upon the first start up due to the oil cooler lines being hooked up incorrectly and starving the engine of oil. Dave ensured that we had flow. First we used air pressure to test the flow. Then we cranked the engine (without spark and by-passing the coil) to allow the pump to push oil throughout the engine. Only then did we start up the car.


Even though I didn't plan for it, facts dictated the need for a new clutch. Thanks to Greg at G-Spec Performance, I had a 6 puck Action Clutch in no time!

Of course, we have had a few unexpected surprises as we have worked our way through this build. Many long hours meant that I was rather exhausted at the end of the day and, when a giant racoon ran in front of me one evening at a curve in the highway, I hit it. Hard to say if I would have missed it at another time, but it was dark and I was tired. That caused some grief and a crack or two in the Fit's bumper cover. Another surprise was that my clutch, which if you had asked me before we took it apart, I would have said it is like new. Unfortunately, it was like … done.

There was no time to cry about it, but it was time to work with another clutch vendor. With limited time pushing us, I got on the phone with Greg Vogel at G-Spec Performance and asked what he recommended. Greg did not hesitate. He knows the car. He has supplied me with many parts over the years (oil pumps, water pumps, ARP head studs, and on and on the list goes) so with no hesitation he recommended a 6 puck Action Clutch. This would replace my 4 puck unit that came from a Canadian vendor. This Stage 5 clutch has a dual HD pressure plate and the springs are completely enclosed. I really like that idea – because the last time I replaced my clutch it was due to the springs literally breaking free from their housing. The clutch is strong and I am not looking forward to getting caught in a traffic jam. Greg had it in the courier's hands before we got off of the phone, because I had it in no time. My Aasco flywheel has a replaceable heat shield so with a call to them this was also on the way to Dave's shop. I was blessed with great support while working on this project.


Dropping the engine back in to the NX's engine bay. It's a very tight fit! Honestly, almost any major work and it is easier to pull the engine rather than try to work in such cramped quarters.

This is my engine. It is not the most unique engine in the world. It is not even close to the most powerful. It is, however, the engine of my dreams that I want in my car. What more can you ask for? Well, for me next will be a standalone ECU, larger injectors, and then some tuning. If I had unlimited time, then I would have continued to work with PZ Tuning and also Sasha Anis from OnPoint Dyno to get the car set up. Sasha provided some great direction as to where I should look for the standalone. He was ready to tune the car, however, I could not get the car ready for the window of time that he had available. Unfortunately, that is an issue as the car is now being transported by rail from Ontario to British Columbia. I moved to B.C. this past winter. There is a tuning shop here that I have already contacted. Rather than planning on an engine build from half a country away, I am looking forward to the next phase of this project where the car is right at hand. Stay tuned. The next steps will not be far away.



Precision Turbo

CP-Carrillo Pistons

Eagle Rods

Jim Wolf Technologies

Calico Coatings

G-Spec Performance

Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scrapers

PZ Tuning

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