The Performance Racing Industry Show 2018: What’s New and Cool Edition

Display of a large number of Autometer Digital Elite gauges
Autometer continues to bring innovation to the standard form-factor dial gauge market with their new Digital Elite gauge system.

The Digital Elite gauges have two inputs and two displays, enabling the end user to monitor two values of the same type. As an example, one could monitor pre- and post-intercooler intake temp charge on the same gauge. The gauges are configurable for switching the display between the exterior LED ring and the digital value, allowing fine-tuning of the gauge’s operation.

The Digital Elite gauge system also features Autometer’s Pro Control output which can act as a value-based function control for driving other systems like shift lights, rev limiters, and other control systems. Additionally, the gauges feature a 0-5v output that can be fed into data logging systems. The gauge system uses Autometer’s standard digital senders and thermistors, and additional information will be available from Autometer on their website soon.

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Radium Engineering revised FCST and vent valve on their spare tire well cell
Radium has been busy designing new drop-in applications as well as revising existing systems.

As you may recall, MotoIQ’s Project SC300 features Radium Engineering’s Fuel Cell Surge Tank (FSCT) atop a Fuel Safe Pro Cell. For 2018, Radium has redesigned the FCST with several feature improvements. The electrical connections have been revised to use common studs and ring terminals, which are easier to use than the previous circular electrical connectors. The surge tank outlet has been redesigned to feature a single -AN fitting as opposed to one fitting for each pump. This makes plumbing easier as the pumps’ outputs are joined together with a junction block inside the FCST assembly, saving the installer from having to join them. The vent has been redesigned with a significantly larger -12 AN port and the output of the surge tank inside the cell has been re-directed to prevent issues that could arise with the previous design. Radium has also designed a discriminator rollover vent valve that features two balls in a float-valve configuration. Lastly, the underside of the FCST plate has been redesigned for improved fluid distribution. All of these improvements come with no additional cost.

On the drop-in pump side, Radium is releasing units for the MKIV Supra, the FD RX-7, and the BMW E9X. The BMW system is well thought-through, as it features a complete regulated surge system. The stock pump is modified to feed a drop-in surge tank on the “factory” hanger, retaining the OE in-tank siphoning and level sensors and other electronics. Radium has also released quite a few new fuel rails for rotaries, even including uncommon configurations and aftermarket intake manifolds with added injectors. Basically all 13B and 20B variants are now supported.

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Haltech's completely redesigned wideband oxygen sensor controllers
Haltech has completely redesigned their wideband oxygen sensor systems.

Haltech has some new things going. The new WB1 (single-channel) and WB2 (dual-channel) oxygen sensor control units are fully IP67 compliant, with potted and sealed housings. The two-connector control boxes can support both CAN entering and exiting, and, with their IP67 environmental rating, can be located even in an engine bay or underneath the vehicle. The updated Bosch LSU 4.9 oxygen sensor features better accuracy on both gasoline and alcohol applications.

On the Haltech ECU front, the latest firmware and software combination connects to ECU nearly twice as fast, while data log downloading has been improved by a factor of 10! Significant upgrades to the torque management system on the VMS-T, Elite 2500T, and race expansion module have been released, as well as a big update to the traction control system. For drive-by-wire cars, cruise control support has been added to the already deep feature set.

Finally, look for an 8 channel thermocouple box (TC8) in 2019, enabling things like EGT measurement on everything up to V8 engines with a single control unit.

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  1. Actually if You have access to Peugeot Sport 208 R2 cars, rods and pistons for the Mini R56 were kind of available before Supertech.

  2. The best thing you can do to minimize wear on your solitary thrust bearing is to disable your clutch switch. This also reduced wear and tear on your starter, as the engine is no longer coupled loaded by the clutch on start up.

    Also, consider the fact that your solitary thrust bearing is totally dry on engine start.

    Of course, don’t disable your clutch switch unless you are a meticulous driver. I rock my shifter a few times before starting, to make certain it is not in gear.

  3. The 1FZ-FE was standard on US-spec Land Cruisers from 1993 – 1997. Titan Motorsports did some crazy drag racing development on that platform in the early 2000s as well.

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