The Performance Racing Industry Show 2018: What’s New and Cool Edition

Motion Control Suspension 4-way damper adjustment can and shock base
Motion Control Suspension has been doing the high-end damper thing for a while, and their new 4-way damper is the culmination of that experience.

Most common adjustable coilover systems typically feature only one dimension of adjustment on the low-speed rebound side. This is adequate for the average enthusiast and even many club racers. However, being able to adjust rebound and compression independently provides added ability to control the car in the corners.

However, a complete 4-way adjustable system where both high- and low-speed compression and rebound are adjustable independently offers the ultimate in control and tuning. The MCS 4-way system features easy adjustability of all four dimensions without the need for any special tools, with adjusters on both the external reservoir and the shock shaft itself. Coming in the spring of 2019, expect to see many more fast cars donning these units.

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CSF VW/Audi MQB platform radiator behind DSG heat exchanger on a shelf
CSF recently released both a radiator as well as a transmission heat exchanger for the VW/Audi MQB platform.

CSF has applied their cooling system knowledge to this enhanced 42mm core triple-pass radiator for the VW/Audi MQB platform. It features quick-connect fittings and is a drop-in replacement for the OE unit. The DSG transmission on this platform has a tendency to short-shift under hard use as the factory heat exchanger can’t quite keep up. CSF’s upgraded liquid-air heat exchanger is integrated into the factory system just like the OE unit, but provides significantly increased cooling capacity. It also features an integrated rock guard to protect it from inevitable hits from road debris due to its location.

CSF has also continued to expand their universal line up, with an expanded range of oil coolers and an expanded range of air-air and liquid-air cores. They have also recently released cooling solutions for the C7 Corvette.

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Fuel Safe's new Pro Cell design with a more rearward-mounted fill plate
Fuel Safe continues to improve and enhance their cell designs, with a more rearward-mounted fill plate.

Project SC300 has a 22-gallon Fuel Safe Pro Cell equipped with a Radium Engineering FCST. Fuel Safe has recently started to ship all of their cells with a more rearward-mounted fill plate. This new location provides several benefits. Firstly, for drag racing and other applications with high rates of linear acceleration, the new location helps improve scavenging and delivery efficiency of the pumps.

The new packaging also enables the pump and plate and pickup assembly to be co-located, which removes the need for all kinds of plumbing and pickups snaking through the foam inside the cell. All of Fuel Safe’s aluminum cells now feature the fill plate at the rear of the unit, while steel cells are still shipping with center-mounted fill plates.

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  1. Actually if You have access to Peugeot Sport 208 R2 cars, rods and pistons for the Mini R56 were kind of available before Supertech.

  2. The best thing you can do to minimize wear on your solitary thrust bearing is to disable your clutch switch. This also reduced wear and tear on your starter, as the engine is no longer coupled loaded by the clutch on start up.

    Also, consider the fact that your solitary thrust bearing is totally dry on engine start.

    Of course, don’t disable your clutch switch unless you are a meticulous driver. I rock my shifter a few times before starting, to make certain it is not in gear.

  3. The 1FZ-FE was standard on US-spec Land Cruisers from 1993 – 1997. Titan Motorsports did some crazy drag racing development on that platform in the early 2000s as well.

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