The Performance Racing Industry Show 2018: What’s New and Cool Edition

Eagle RB26 forged stroker kit
Eagle has been in the hard parts and stroker game for a really long time, and they recently debuted several new kits for imports.

Eagle has developed some new Import application stroker kits.  Pictured here is Eagle’s RB26 stroker kit. This complete kit features rods, pistons, rings, bearings, and a crank that will bring the already big RB to nearly 2.8L when combined with an 87mm bore piston. The kit is so new that there have not been any reported power numbers yet, but Eagle is expecting people to put up figures in the 2000HP range. Additionally, several options of EJ25 stroker kit are available with displacements up to 2.63L when using a 100.5mm piston.

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icengineworks header fabrication kit on a V-twin
Burns Stainless is a trusted name in fabrication supplies for exhaust, header, and other piping systems, and they’ve started to distribute the icengineworks system of fabrication supplies, too.

Interesting tools and solutions for fabrication were in ample supply on the show floor, but we found the Ice Engine Works fabrication system for headers and manifolds to be particularly interesting. Burns stainless has started distributing this system which consists of interlocking plastic tube mockups that greatly reduce the total amount of time needed to fabricate a final product. For those who have never designed a system before, the fabrication assistance solution helps to get to the point where you can start cutting and welding much sooner, too.

With varying pipe sizes from 1-1/2″ to 2″, collector mockups, welding jigs, and more, this three-stage system provides a truly complete solution for the entirety of the piping-related manufacturing and fabrication process.

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Deatschworks new drop-in Camaro fuel module and a brushless pump
Deatschworks has been diligently expanding their product lineup as well, with a new Gen 5 Camaro drop-in pump as well as new brushless options.

Deatchworks has come up with a full drop in pump module for Gen 5 Camaro with a DW400 pump pre-installed. This is one of the first solutions that sits comfortably between an OEM ZL1 upgrade and having to swap out for a full return-plumbed system. This DW400-based drop-in solution will support 700-750HP on E85, and 800-1000HP on pump gas. The plumbing on top supports both return and returnless configurations. For the numbers hungry, it flows 90% more than the factory Camaro SS pump and 60% more than the factory ZL1 option.

Also new is a 425LPH brushless pump, with availability in the 2nd quarter of 2019. With an estimated street price of $500-600 with the electronic controller to drive it, this is a true in-tank capable pump, as opposed to inline pumps that sit outside the tank. Deatschworks is trying to bring brushless to the masses. The brushless pumps are slightly shorter and slightly wider than standard OE-style compact pumps, but they should fit in most situations. The included electronic controller features several different software/electronic pump controlling mechanisms, and Deatschworks is looking into both higher and lower flow options in the future.

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  1. Actually if You have access to Peugeot Sport 208 R2 cars, rods and pistons for the Mini R56 were kind of available before Supertech.

  2. The best thing you can do to minimize wear on your solitary thrust bearing is to disable your clutch switch. This also reduced wear and tear on your starter, as the engine is no longer coupled loaded by the clutch on start up.

    Also, consider the fact that your solitary thrust bearing is totally dry on engine start.

    Of course, don’t disable your clutch switch unless you are a meticulous driver. I rock my shifter a few times before starting, to make certain it is not in gear.

  3. The 1FZ-FE was standard on US-spec Land Cruisers from 1993 – 1997. Titan Motorsports did some crazy drag racing development on that platform in the early 2000s as well.

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