The Performance Racing Industry Show 2018: What’s New and Cool Edition

DMC wiring kits with hard cases and DMC Safe-T-Cable solution on a table
MilSpecWiring has formed an exclusive motorsports-focused partnership with DMC, making aerospace-grade wiring even more accessible to everyone.

MilSpecWiring has always sold DMC’s aerospace-grade crimping and termination solutions, but they have recently formed an exclusive partnership with the manufacturer. Now, MilSpecWiring is able to offer better pricing on these motorsports kits that are complete with hard carrying cases and foam cutouts. One kit features everything you need to terminate and crimp Deutsch DT and circular milspec connections in varying sizes while the other kit is a more complete solution that adds Deutsch AS (autosport) components.

If you’ve ever stabbed, punctured, cut or scraped yourself on safety wire, you’ll love DMC’s Safe-T-Cable solution. This is a unique system that uses a special tool for crimping ferrules onto cable that pulls through traditionally styled caps. The Safe-T-Cable solution helps ensure consistency and repeatability and prevents failures traditionally associated with safety wire. It’s also much faster to use. For manufacturers or assemblers that need to deal with “sealed” solutions, special branded ferrules can be obtained from DMC. If someone removes the Safe-T-Cable and replaces it, the new cable will not have the brand and it will be obvious that the “seal” was broken.

Lastly, and not pictured, DMC also has a new TS8000 twist strip tool that is specially designed for removing the outer insulation on milspec shielded twisted cable. Instead of having to fight with razor blades or other sharp objects and invariably damage shielding or conductors, DMC provides the TS8000 solution with interchangeable blades to match different conductor gauge and conductor counts in the shielded cable. The TS8000 system ensures clean and precise stripping of milspec shielded cable.

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A display of many new AEM electronics components on monitor arms
AEM has been extremely busy revamping and designing electronics in 2018!

You may remember the AEM Electornics CD-7 dashboard that we equipped Project SC300 with. AEM has recently completely overhauled the CD line of dashes, with both a new flush-face CD-7 and CD-5 with the updated carbon housings. The updated CD dashes now only feature external buttons and the hoods have been deleted, making them easier to configure and mount. Along with the revised CD dash, AEM has released an external carbon-framed button mounting kit. It features IP68 rated buttons and several colored caps. This would’ve been useful for our project!

AEM has also released a new 6-channel CAN sensor module for applications that just don’t need quite so much data, as well as a 4-port CAN hub for making connecting all those devices just a little easier. Lastly, a new 8-channel K-type thermocouple unit is available. This CAN-based controller mates with an updated Infinity ECU firmware so that it can be easily interfaced.

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Tilton's adjustable pedal assembly sitting on a pedestal
Tilton has released a new fully-adjustable pedal assembly that is perfect for cars that need to accomodate drivers of multiple sizes.

Seat sliders are a really sub-optimal solution for race cars, as they never lock that well and the adjusters invariably wear out over time resulting in seat movement. Worn or poorly designed seat slighters are also an extreme safety hazard. Traditional pedal assemblies can be adjusted but it often takes a considerable amount of time as the driver’s side of most race cars is a mess of cramped space and uncomfortable work space. Tilton’s adjustable three pedal system features a 14-position adjustment riding on a slider with hydraulic assist. Yank the release cable and either let the pedal assembly slide forward on its own, or apply foot pressure to slide it backwards.

This pedal assembly also features Tilton’s first pivoting master cylinder design in an under mount configuration, which makes for much smaller packaging than their traditional cylinder mounting configuration which places the cylinders in front of the pedals. This under-mounted cylinder packaging includes an integrated balance bar for on-the-fly brake bias adjustment. And, to top it off, the pedal foot pads are 3-way adjustable in the horizontal, vertical, and angled dimensions.

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  1. Actually if You have access to Peugeot Sport 208 R2 cars, rods and pistons for the Mini R56 were kind of available before Supertech.

  2. The best thing you can do to minimize wear on your solitary thrust bearing is to disable your clutch switch. This also reduced wear and tear on your starter, as the engine is no longer coupled loaded by the clutch on start up.

    Also, consider the fact that your solitary thrust bearing is totally dry on engine start.

    Of course, don’t disable your clutch switch unless you are a meticulous driver. I rock my shifter a few times before starting, to make certain it is not in gear.

  3. The 1FZ-FE was standard on US-spec Land Cruisers from 1993 – 1997. Titan Motorsports did some crazy drag racing development on that platform in the early 2000s as well.

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