Pictures of Chris Rado’s FWING 1.0 AWD Scion tC


rado awd scion wheel and brake
Here's a really bad shot of the Scion's 3 piece HRE wheels and rear 4 piston monoblock Brembos. The car had Hoosier slicks on it at the time.

rado awd scion interior
Here's the FWING 1.0's cockpit. There's definitely a lot of stuff going on: switches, gauges, more dials and switches on the steering wheel, a Motec dash, a World Electronics boost controller, and a Racepak G2X. That's Renzo Marsano, who drives Sportscar Motion's Honda race cars, in the driver's seat and Chris Rado over the door explaining WTF is going on. Renzo is speechless and only wants to know what RPM the VTEC kicks in at (j/k Renzo!).

rado awd scion motec
All of the electronics are located in the passenger footwell area. I think Rado's shop has the highest concentration of M880 ECUs in the Los Angeles County (Motec is in Orange County). The engine is controlled by a Motec M880 ECU with a CDI/8 ignition box. On the floor is a Racepak G2X pro and a Weismann control box right next to it. I have no idea why there's a Motec dash and a G2X. There seems to be some redundancy there. I believe the wiring harnesses and engine tuning is all done by James Lin. I think this car has only a foot less Raychem DR-25 heat shrink than a F-22 Raptor fighter jet. I didn't pay much attention at the time, but that carbon fiber bottle happens to look a lot like a carbon fiber nitrous bottle. I didn't see an air shifter…

rado awd scion ignition coils
Here you have four MSD HVC II Coils. Normally a single HVC II coil is used on a V8 drag car with an MSD 7 or MSD 8 spark box. Using four of these coils driven by a Motec CDI box means this engine probably isn't going to have any misfiring issues despite Chris' reputation for running a ton of boost.

rado awd scion engine
The massive Turbonetics turbo and dual Turbonetics wastegates all dump to atmosphere right through the hood. The wastegates are controlled by the World Electronics boost controller that lets Chris tailor the boost curve to track conditions. I dig that camouflage silicone radiator hose too BTW.

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