Pictures of Chris Rado’s FWING 1.0 AWD Scion tC


rado drag scion engine
On the other side of the shop was the World Racing Drag Scion. I believe this was the first front wheel drive car in the 6's with a 6.87 @ 197mph. Are you sensing a theme here? Rado's race cars are always on the extreme horsepower side. That 5″ exhaust should give you an idea of how much power this car makes.

chris rado drag scion engine
More of those MSD HVC II igntion coils mounted on the intake plenum. This engine and ignition are also controlled by a Motec M880 and Motec CDI/8 box. The engine runs on methanol so there are plenty of fuel injectors and massive fuel rails. 

rado drag scion turbo
A gynormous Turbonetics turbo creates the boost. I think I remember the compressor wheel being bigger than my fist.

rado scion drag front axle
Right behind the engine appears to be a rear axle housing directly connected to the transmission. It looked like a 4 link drag car setup in reverse. Pretty trick stuff.

rado scion drag engine block
Right behind the car was a partially disassembled engine. The Toyota Tacoma based cast iron four cylinder engine is cement filled so it can stay in one piece while it screams down the drag strip. I don't know jack about solid block engine building, but I've heard of piston to cylinder wall clearances like .008-.010″. 

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