Pictures of Chris Rado’s FWING 1.0 AWD Scion tC


ark wheels scion xB
Another side of World Racing (I'm guessing), is Descendant Racing which builds performance parts for Scions. There was a pretty cool looking new body Scion xB with some 18″ Ark Design R8 wheels. Pee Wee (Mike) was telling me that their bolt on turbo kit for the xB produces like 320hp at the wheels. Imagine getting smoked by a hellaflush xB like this!

desendant turbo kit xB
The Descendant Racing turbo kit is a direct bolt on and it looks pretty clean. It makes enough power to probably beat some closer to stock EVOs and STis too.

toyota 503e engine
Sitting in the very corner of the WR shop was a seemingly intact Toyota 503E IMSA GTP Engine from the early 90's. This engine made over 1000hp in qualifying, but completed races at 900hp in this part of its evolution. While MR2/3SG fan boys like to think that their engine is a 503E, it is not. The only thing interchangeable between a 503E and the 3SG are the cam sprockets.

toyota 503e
The exhaust manifold looks like an open volute T04 flange. I suspect this may not be an original IMSA GTP exhaust manifold because the turbo these engines used was the Toyota CT44. I've only seen CT44s with divided inlet (twin scroll) T04 flanges. Trip out on the wasted spark ignition coils too. ECUs back then probably did not have enough output to drive individual coils.

Anyhow, I believe the last time the 503E was used in any kind of competition would have been Rod Millen's Pike's Peak Tacoma back in 1998. It's pretty buff. Check it out here at Goodwood in 2007:

That was it for that day. After hanging out for a while, we had the “Time Attack summit” and well if you paid attention to Time Attack in the USA, then you know what the outcome of that “summit” was. Anyhow, good luck to World Racing with the FWING 2.0. I hope Chris and the gang can make it over to Australia for the World Time Attack Challenge. Now that would be interesting.

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