Pictures of Chris Rado’s FWING 1.0 AWD Scion tC


rado awd scion whole engine
Here's a shot of the entire engine with the dual Turbonetics Godzilla compressor bypass valves, dry sump oil tank, oil breather, and like five other canisters. For an inline 4, everything is pretty packed in there. The setup doesn't look too service and repair friendly. The engines are built by Gary Kubo who has been building big powered four cylinders for a long time now. I've heard claims in power anywhere between 1000-1500hp, but either way it's a shit ton of power. I think I've seen a Dynojet dynosheet online somewhere that said 1007whp and 890 ft-lbs of torque. 

On the other side of the engine toward the bottom, there's this crazy vacuum pump system. It was a while ago, but I think Gary explained to me that for them to be able to create negative crankcase pressure at a ton of boost (50-60psi), they had to add a giant vacuum pump to help scavenge the crankcase of blow-by gases.

rado awd scion turbo
That's a 3/4″ diameter piece of either aluminum tube or bar stock connecting the intercooler tube to the turbo's compressor housing. This should give you an indication that they are running a ton of boost.

rado awd scion throttle
Here's another 3/4″ diameter intercooler tube bracket held in place by ARP hardware. I'm not sure what kind of throttle body that is, but it appears to have a Honda style TPS on it and what appears to be a throttle blipping solenoid controlled by the Motec.

rado awd scion rear suspension
Here's the rear suspension. The rear subframe is cast aluminum and the suspension geometry appears to be OEM style multilink so I'm going to guess this is some kind of JDM rear end arrangement. I've been told before that the AWD Toyota Caldina shares a similar platform with the tC and that the Cadina's rear end will bolt on to the tC. The aluminum subframe is mounted to bosses that are directly tied into the cage rather than the unibody. All of the fab work on this car is super clean. I believe it is all done in house at WR. 

I like how the intercooler, radiator, and oil coolers are all properly ducted. The fab work is pretty clean too.

I still can't get used to the front wing myself, but I'm sure it's functional. If it works, I say why the hell not. Regardless, WR clearly puts a lot of concentration on power. Time Attack is basically a drag race with turns so you can make up a whole lot if you've got plenty of power. WR is definitely pushing the limits of the Toyota 2AZ-FE, the Weismann drivetrain, the car's mechanics and fabricators, and of course Chris himself as a driver with this AWD car. But it looks like WR is concentrating on the FWING 2.0 in the new GTA Time Attack series. The FWING 2.0 is based on the new tC, appears to be front wheel drive, and also seems toned down a bit overall compared to the FWING 1.0. Perhaps the FWING 1.0 was just too complex of a car or did Scion ask WR to build a new tC platform car? This pretty much concludes the pictures I took of the World Racing Need for Speed FWING 1.0 Scion tC (that's one hell of a long car name too).

But even if you only know Chris Rado by reputation, then you know there are more crazy cars sitting around the shop. I didn't take pictures of everything, but some more craziness on the following pages.

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