Pocket Size Terror – Building a CRG ICC Shifter Kart


The CRG chassis has two stabilizer bars one for the front and one for the rear.  These control overall chassis flex, mostly in torsion. On a kart the bars have the opposite effect as on a car. Stiffening the bar gains traction on that end while softening it reduces traction.   The bar has a blade shape and is adjustable with rotation.  Blade up is stiffer, blade sideways is softer.  The rear bar is located at the far rear of the chassis.  Many drivers, particularly ones under 170 lbs prefer to leave the rear bar off but that's not us.
The front bar is located between the front wheels.  It is adjusted by rotating it just like the rear bar.  Most people run the front bar and set it soft.  Really light drivers might prefer not to run it. 
The front hubs are also a tuning item.  Longer hubs have more rear wheel lift which creates less solid axle induced rear wheel scrub and a looser chassis.  The art of kart chassis tuning is to make the the kart as loose as tolerable as the spool live axle can really scrub speed in a corner if not enough rear wheel lift is employed.  We perform some of the same tricks when tuning a spool equipped drift car.
A closer look at CRG's sniper front adjusting system.  Caster is adjusted by tooth engagement on the upper plate while camber is adjusted via turning a pair of sideways facing set screws. Camber mostly controls tire contact patch and caster is mostly for rear wheel lift.
The rear axle rides on three sets of bearings.  The axle is free to move from side to side on the inner rail bearing to help the chassis flex.  Here you can adjust the rear ride height  by moving the position of the bearing carriers into one of three holes.  You can tune the cars grip and understeer/oversteer balance by using one of three stiffness axles. The stiffer the axle, the greater the grip but the more scrub. The ride height affects grip as well, the higher the ride height, the more rear grip you have.  The rear wheel hubs also affect tuning.  Short hubs have less grip and longer hubs have more grip.  The rear track is also adjustable.  A wider rear track has less grip and narrow is more grip.  Note that a lot of things for chassis tuning on a kart are the exact opposite of a car! 
The rear brake rotor is slotted and vented and is full floating just like a race car.  The rear caliper is a fixed two piston part which is exactly like a small version of what's found on a real race car. Since it is a live axle, only one rear brake is needed.

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