Pocket Size Terror – Building a CRG ICC Shifter Kart


We used this ram air box for the induction system.  Inside the box is a panel filter.  Some locations require the box to quiet intake noise.
These two velocity stacks get air rammed into them to pressurize the air box at speed.
The assembly process is coming along and our power plant is looking pretty spiffy.
The TM K9 has a button flywheel for faster throttle response. You can see here how small and low inertia it is.  Interestingly, karts usually have all of their electronics exposed with no covers like a motorcycle.
The TM K9 also has a low inertia low viscous drag dry clutch, like a Ducati.  Moto engines have a wet clutch that has viscous drag and windage losses.
The engine has an external water pump driven by a cogged belt off the axle.  This is better than your typical rubber band drive that most karts have.

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