Pocket Size Terror – Building a CRG ICC Shifter Kart


The stock reed valve has this internal stuffer that reduces intake volume for better low end response.  This is unneeded, hampers flow and gets in the way with the new reed valve.
Howard Watanabe milled it off so the new reed will fit.
Since we are now running the most powerful engine around, we had to upgrade the cooling system with this huge radiator by STI.  The STI uses a C&R core and it is nearly twice the size of a 125cc moto radiator.  We hope we won't have cooling issues ever.
The new radiator is over 2x thicker than your typical 125cc radiator.  It has strong TIG welded construction and has a high pressure 24 psi radiator cap.
Since pumper carburetors are not big enough, the big carburetor is fed by this mikuni vacuum pulse pump.  It uses crank case pressure pulses to operate the diaphragm to pump the fuel uphill to the carburetor float bowl.
The TM K9 has this pretty radical pipe which has aggressive fat, maximum expansion cones and a short overall length with diffusion happening right at the exhaust port. With a rear facing exhaust port, the pipe design isn't compromised much and works better than a typical moto pipe which has to make a 180 degree turn in the small chassis.  We had the pipe coated with Embee thermal coating mostly to keep it from rusting.  The large alloy muffler means that the engine will be fairly quiet in operation.

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