Pocket Size Terror – Building a CRG ICC Shifter Kart


This is the temp sensor adapter for the dash, it goes in the upper radiator hose. 
KW Suspension's Chris Marion is working on some of the coolant plumbing. 
These mounts float the rear bumper making it have no effect on frame flex.  The bumper is rubber mounted.  The side pod bumpers are also flex mounted so they don't affect the frame stiffness.
The huge ugly rear bumper is mandated by the rules to try to reduce airborne wheel overriding accidents.  The bumper is plastic and can absorb quite a big impact.   It is also very effective in reducing crash damage to the chassis and axle from hitting walls.  With the bodywork and large bumper, the CRG sorta looks like the current crop of ugly Indy cars!
We got this cool billet bracket to support the STI radiator.  It even has a cool place for the overflow reservoir. 
We had to get a bigger Tillet seat to replace the OEM CRG seat that was designed to fit 150 lb F1 drivers.  The seat is also a part of the chassis tuning and you can order different seat stiffnesses. We ordered a stiffer seat since we are heavy to help with rear grip.  We also added some extra seat stays.  The stays are also for chassis tuning and help the driver transfer weight to the rear axle with some body english.  The bodywork on the CRG is designed and wind tunnel tested for less drag and some downforce.  Some of the weird features on the side pods are to direct more air toward the radiator and engine intake.  The bodywork is mandated to help reduce the risk of crashes and is FIA certified to pass crash testing. 

This kart is oh my god fast.  We have nearly gotten in trouble in one brief test drive from going too fast and not being able to stop.  We are in fact terrorized to take our ICC shifter to the track. The kart is so fast it is almost not fun.  125cc moto karts are fast enough to be scary but still fun but when you add 10 more hp things get interesting a little too quickly.  Perhaps we will take it out in the off season with one of our pro driver friends to shake it down!



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