Project 350Z – Finding More Power with MotorDyne Engineering


Perhaps the most interesting feature of the MotorDyne Engineering spacer kit is this water control valve.  The valve allows you to cut off the flow of coolant to the manifold plenum and throttle body.  The stock manifold circulates hot coolant through the intake manifold and throttle body to prevent the throttle blade from icing on cold days and to help throttle response when it is cold outside.  The shutoff valve allows you to shut off the coolant flow to help keep the manifold and charge air temp cooler for more power.  When it is a cold day you can open the valve up to restore the stock function.

Tehcnosquare's Howard Watanabe starts off the installation by removing all lines, wire harness clips and hoses from the manifold.

Howard removes the cold air intake at the throttle body and the bolts securing the upper plenum to the lower plenum.

The upper plenum comes right off.

Next Howard removes the bolts holding the lower plenum to the lower intake manifold.

When that is removed you can see that the stock gasket is a stamped steel part.  This stamped steel gasket conducts heat to the plenum pretty well!

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