Project 350Z – Finding More Power with MotorDyne Engineering


After Howard finished installing everything, our sceptical selves strapped Project 350Z to the dyno for testing.

Wow the MotorDyne Engineering intake plenum spacer gave us 226.2 whp @ 6450 rpm and 205.3 lb ft of torque @ 4350 rpm from our very conservative Superflow chassis dyno.  This was 8.3 whp and 4.8 lb ft of torque more than what we got previously. As you can see the power gains were across the board for maximum area under the curve.

With big fat gains throughout the powerband, the MotorDyne Engineering spacer really outperformed the spacer we had tried previously.  We consider this a really cool easy to install big bang for the buck mod.  Accept no substitute!  Get the original.

Stay Tuned, we will be testing some Jim Wolf Technology C2 camshafts in the very near future.

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