Project 370Z – Heated Battle, Testing the CSF Triple Pass Radiator


Enter the CSF “triple pass” radiator.  Measuring the exact same external dimensions as the single pass unit, there is no difference in install procedure and no visual difference either.  But the magic is in the details, not only does this radiator have a different flow pattern as the original unit, it also has thinner fins which makes for more efficent heat transfer and more fins per square inch on the radiator surface.
In case any of you are confused as to how a “triple pass” radiator works, here is a diagram CSF was kind enough to make.  The internal routing of the radiator forces the water to flow through the heat exchanging fins multiple times effectively extracting a greater amount of heat from the water before it goes back into the engine.  Radiators of this style are commonly used on racing applications but usually require custom fabrication for proper fitment.  CSF is one of the few companies bringing such multi pass radiators to the street car market in direct replacement form.
Like the original single pass unit, the triple pass comes with a AC condenser with perfectly pre-bent tubes that match up to the OEM AC lines.
Easy to use drain bolts that accept both 17mm socket use or a large screw driver.  Personally I use the socket method for quick and precise removal.  Precision welded endtanks with mirror like finish are a much improved look over the OE unit.
Also like the single pass CSF and UNLIKE OEM, the radiator and condenser are bolted together giving you the option of disconnecting the two for either maintenance or removal of the AC all together for race oriented builds.

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